Investment Criteria

Healthcare investments are our forte!

Our team of Investment analysts ensure that they work on companies that are positioned well in the market, either ready to bloom or needing that little push that will accelerate their growth.

Our Investments range from small to medium sized businesses, both well-known and some lesser known business structures with great ideas. Our ideology of growth guides us to focus on the innovations in technologies as well as strategies AND the people who come up with them..

Our doors are always open to entrepreneurs with innovative ideas that are looking for funding.

Partnering for your future

Small to medium sized Health care companies are the best way to capitalize on your investments as they keep their costs under control as well as producing great results.

Partners Team

Our Team of Managers is comprised of existing Partners, boasting over 65 years of combined healthcare industry and investment experience. We strive to find and building great healthcare companies.

In addition to our Team Managers, we routinely collaborate with Health Care Consultants who have decades of experience building industry-leading companies. We utilize these powerful individuals & continue to build our portfolio.