Opportunity is knocking

The Healthcare industry in the United States is going through an unmeasurable transformation. The changes are multi-faceted and focused on creating an environment where better care models are developed. Better care models that are poised to have healthier patient outcomes with lesser costs.

In the next 10 years, these transformations will impact almost every citizen living in the United States including patients, physicians, hospitals, payors, pharma/biotech and medical device companies.

In times like these countless opportunities emerge for Professionals as well as Entrepreneurs alike.

Be part of our group & partake in the creation of new and amazing Medical Devices, formulating newly designed service models & new Health care educational institutions.

Healthcare Focus

Our Focus of attention has been to discover investment opportunities in the Healthcare sector for the past 16 years. It takes more than research to make the right investments, it requires collaboration with Medical Professionals. We routinely work with our partner Medical Professionals in order to gain knowledge about this changing industry & the opportunities that arise from it.

Our Investment Strategy remains since the days of the inception of the firm. We yearn to invest in companies that create value within the changing environment of the Health care industry.


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